Information of the dojo, membership fees, different groups and practice hours. Adults and children practice together.

We are organized under All Japan Kendo Federation, Kanagawa Kendo Renmei and Minami-ku Kendo Renmei. Within our dojo, we have a board and the Parent’s Group responsible for many things. 

Kawahara Dojo is nowadays a rare institution in the metropolitan area. It’s a “town hall” that is a dojo exclusively for kendo. It is a wooden dojo that was built over 50 years ago with cypress flooring – slippery in the dry seasons and good grip in the humid seasons.

The warmth of innocent cypress will certainly help everyone improve their kendo.

Practice hall

Address: Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City, Minami-ku, Nagatacho 2-36-1. Here’s a map to help you find the dojo.

Nearest train stations:

  • Idogaya Station on Keikyu Line (~10 minutes on foot)
  • Hodogaya Station on Yokosuka Line and Shonan Shinjuku Line (~15 min on foot)

Parking lot is available on the Dojo premises and there are many car parks surrounding the immediate area of the dojo.

Practice hours

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Children: 18: 30 ~ 20: 00

Adult: 20: 00 ~ 21: 00

The older children also practice during adult training time.

Tuition fees

Admission fee 5,000 yen

Monthly membership fee 5,000 yen

Teachers for children’s practice

Monday: Fujishima (6 dan), Yoshida (6 dan)

Wednesday: Suda (7 dan), Kamiya (6 dan)

Saturday: Mori (5 dan), Izunaga (4 dan), Enomoto (3 dan)


Guests are always welcome for degeiko and Kawahara Dojo’s students are vigorously encouraged to go to visit other dojos as well.

The Year in Kawahara Dojo


Minami-ku Kendo Taikai (Individual)

Kawahara Dojo Kendo Games with invited Dojos

Minami-ku’s team’s invitation games in Yokohama City

Kyu and dan examinations


Hot summer special lesson

Kendo Camp in Nagano Prefecture

Practice tournament (shimpan and shiai practice, joint practice at Shimizuigaoka gymnasium)


Minami-ku Kendo Taikai

Kawahara Dojo Parents’ Association Taikai

Minamiku Team plays invitation taikai in Yokohama City district

Kyu and dan-examination


Kanagawa prefecture Taikai

Toshikoshi keiko (Last keiko of the year)

The New Year’s first practice

Kagami Biraki – opening ceremony for the New Year

Kanagawa Prefecture High Towers Competition