Suda sensei, 7 dan, greets members, children, parents and guests.

In this dojo, the Kendo philosophy prescribed by the All Japan Kendo Federation,n accordance with “Kendo is the way of human formation by repairing the sword’s law” i rather than just beginning with “competition” conscious of winning or losing, courtesy, mind and body training, aiming to foster energy.

It is said to Japanese that former humility has been lost, but being conscious of seniors juniors who respect adults in their daily practice is natural. There is no way that the four-character idiom such as hard work, friendly competition, fumitake two way, suits as much as kendo.

We encourage children to work on kendo as an emotional education. In this dojo, everyone from preschoolers to college students and society people is striving to practice their own goals.

Children ‘s career is diverse

Many children go to elementary school ~ junior high school but practice often seems to go away from kendo with high school entrance examination. Among them, those belonging to the high school university and the kendo department of the athletic association system, those who go to the dojo while selecting division activities other than kendo, also, some people attend the dojo after some years of blanks. In any case, many people like kendo, because they are somehow fun so they keep on.

Those people as well as improving the technical aspects of kendo are obviously very good also for human beings (wording, character, attitude). It seems that the course as a social worker after that is stable as well. By practicing kendo that you can keep on for a lifetime, you may sometime get into a hobby kendo someday.

The dojo is full of such members.

History of Kawahara Dojo

In 2007 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Kawahara Dojo being established by Kawahara sensei and later maintained by his wife, the late Dr. Kawahara.

Showa 31

As a blue sky dojo, every Sunday in front of the entrance, a practicing swing starts with a wooden sword. Four beginners: Yuichi Suda, Kuniaki Sato and two others.

Showa 32

Dojo is built in the current place which was an empty backyard.

We did the first grade examination this year.

Showa 33

The first Kawahara Dojo Games were held.

Name of teachers of guest referee.

Nakano Eighth, Ko Nakazawa Tatsuo, Kikuchi Den, Misono Misono, Shizuo Kamiya, Takeshi Takano.

In the meantime, many students including Kamakura Gakuen, defense college, Yokohama National University and many other students come to practice.

Showa 44

The final tournament of the Kawahara Dojo Games was held.

Group winning champions Kawahara Dojo

Championship member General: Hideo Ono, Mid size: Suda Yoichi, Sonbong: Fujishima Hideto

Showa 55 years

Tadahiko Kawahara Director of the deceased (67 years old, Age of Enlightenment)

Showa era 56

Following the master’s wishes, Mr. Takahara created the new Kawahara Dojo Sword Association.


Mr. Ayako Kawahara will be lost.

Heisei era 2006

It marks the 50th anniversary since it began as a blue sky dojo.

(49 years since the dojo building was built)

Kawahara Dojo with over 50 years of sword friendship.