Kawahara Dojo is a 10-15 minute walk from Idogaya Station on Keikyu Line (the 5th station after Yokohama, seen from Tokyo). Travel time from Tokyo is ~40 minutes.

Here’s a pdf on how to find the dojo on foot.

International contact person, Stefan Sandström, 5 dan kendo:

We welcome guests to practice with us. Kawahara Dojo is both friendly and strong. All senseis are concerned with teaching and are more than happy to take your questions. For guests, please send Stefan an email with which date/-s you plan to visit us, your name, where you come from, your dojo’s name, your age and dan grade.

After practice, let’s take a nice picture and enjoy a small party 🙂

Photo Copyright (C) Emil Byström.
Interior of Kawahara Dojo, a genuine private swordsmanship dojo from the olden days.