Thursday 28 Feb is the next Tough Day!

Kikyoumon entrance for the Imperial Palace.

The 28th of February is a tribute to physical exercise. It starts out with strong keiko and ends with running. To practice with the Imperial Guards in Saineikan Dojo is always a challenge. One of this World’s most beautiful dojos and some of the strongest kendo players to walk on Japanese soil.

I can honestly say that for the first five or six years I could hardly sleep the night before practice with the Imperial Guards. It’s true what is said about Police kendo: “Police kendo is honest and strong. Sometimes honesty hurts.”

However, I must also say that even if kendo has a strong impact on your psyche, it is one of the kindest sports to your body. Bruising and blisters are cool 🙂 …and injuries are rare.

Kuniyoshi and Fujiwara sensei are both 8 dan and responsible for helping the Imperial Guard grow in their kendo. Amazing teachers with kind and friendly attitude together with strong teaching. It doesn’t matter how strong (or weak) you are, they will patiently be just a tad bit stronger than you, resulting in you trying a little bit harder 🙂

Some of the guests at the Imperial Palace and elsewhere misunderstand this and think they are stronger than the Imperial Guards. Please remember: Just because the Guards let you beat them in IPPON, doesn’t mean you’re stronger than them.

What happens after morning keiko?

After morning keiko comes lunch and after lunch it’s time for a long, brisk walk for 90 minutes in central Tokyo. It’s a beautiful time of year and not too hot. In the late evening it is time for a 6 km run.

Sleep will be deep and revitalizing.

Hope you also reward your body with Tough Days!

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    1. In all honesty, the Palace practice was on the tougher side so I had to skip the run. I blame 3 weeks of convalescence after some minor surgery. I still got over 23000 steps that day. I did (I hope) my best MEN-strikes ever 🙂

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